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Cover design SHD 2017

Working at the Davis Enterprise is great, and not just because I get to have my graphic design work and page layouts published and distributed all across town on a regular basis. Also not just because I have private parking in the middle of downtown during the Christmas season and all the rest of the year too! Not just because Burt McNaughton, Taylor Buley, Nancy Hannell and Shawn Collins are my super cool supervisors! Not just because…I forgot where I was going with this…Just kinda felt like bragging about my job I guess.

Oh yeah, it’s because I get to design the cover of the Student Housing Day publication each year!! A special newsprint piece that’s actually geared toward young people—AKA the only ones who don’t say “Aaron your design is too busy.”

Too busy is the number one constructive criticism that I receive. Tip for designers: don’t do too much—Clients want simple designs 90% of the time, so don’t waste your time putting too much energy into the work. Instead, try putting more thought into something simple that can’t be argued with because there’s not a lot to even remark about. Hack away anything questionable (whole limbs even). “Kill your darlings” is how I’ve heard it said in literature speak.

I think students will really like my design up above as the cover of the 2017 Student Housing Day publication. The pub will be full of information on available housing for UCD’s entering freshman and also great offers to students from local businesses. In January, I’ll be handing out hundreds of the publications like mad at the Student Housing Day fair at the Arc Pavilion, where like in my design, there will be a party-like atmosphere (balloons, candy, and tons of free stuff) with property management staff and UCD freshmen smiling and chatting while jacked up on candy, soda and coffee.

Like I said—My job is great!

And here is last year’s cover. You can see I rehashed some of my favorite elements.

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