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Smartz Graphics becomes a member of the Davis Chamber of Commerce

Smartz Graphics is now a member of the Davis Chamber of Commerce!

The Davis Chamber of Commerce (DCOC) is a vibrant organization who’s mission is to promote, support, and advocate the general economic vitality of its membership and the quality of life for the community. I’m so proud to be a member of this fine organization. This blog is my testimony to the power of being involved with DCOC.

It started when I became an ambassador: Through my employer's membership with DCOC I was able to become a volunteer ambassador of the Davis chamber. I want to share just some of the ways in which being an ambassador of the DCOC has been beneficial to me and my business, as well as how the position has allowed me to be an asset to our community and ultimately motivated me to become a member of DCOC.

Generated Business Transactions (past 16 months)

• By participating in DCOC networking events I have brought in 6 new accounts to The Davis Enterprise, where I work as a designer and salesperson.

• I have become employed by The Bike Campaign and Action Flipbooks.

• I have traded my graphic design services for professional photography, and for being listed as a sponsor to Davis Schools Foundation.

• I have received a free financial portfolio analysis as well as discounted services through member to member discounts.

Getting Plugged into the Community

• By volunteering at DCOC’s 2016 Installation Gala I met a member of Davis Schools Foundation, who invited me to one of their fundraisers. I learned about their organization, and did some graphic design work for them. Then at the fundraiser, while dancing and having fun, I picked up a new client.

• By showing up to a lot of the chamber’s evening socials and being a greeter I finally had the courage to be the emcee at the Sutter Hospital/ Farmers Market evening social. It felt really cool to be the emcee and the visibility resulted in my being asked to become a Davis Odd Fellow. I felt so elated from the whole experience that right after the social I went to my soccer game and scored two awesome (beyond my normal capacity) goals that helped win the game!

Getting Others Plugged into the Community

• Recently an old soccer buddy of mine pulled my ear about a non-profit organization he’s starting up. We met for ice cream at Baskin Robbins and after hearing his grand plans, I simply took him next door to the Chamber office and let him talk with Bobbi Vaughn, the chamber’s membership coordinator. Bobbi and I opened the community up for him. After that, I met with him again, designed some very basic business cards for him and accompanied him to the chamber’s State of the City Luncheon where he began establishing relationships, handing out his cards and having fun.

• By serving on the chamber’s School Business Partnership Committee, I became inspired to convince The Davis Enterprise to offer an internship within our graphics department. Now in 2016 we have had our first graphics intern since the summer of ’08, when believe it or not, I was the graphics intern. Getting to pay it forward is awesome. It was a pleasure to teach and to learn from Amy of DaVinci charter academy.

Starting My Own Business

Of course there is so much I’ve done to reach this point, but in great part due to my 16 months as a chamber ambassador, I feel that I have strong enough connections within the Davis community to build Smartz Graphics. I registered the name and finally turned in the application to become a member of the Davis Chamber of Commerce. It’s a partnership that will undoubtedly help to fulfill the chambers mission to promote economic vitality through my own mission to provide the best graphic design services possible for my community.

Interested in joining the Davis Chamber of Commerce?

As an ambassador, I can help explain many of the benefits of membership, and I’d be happy to meet you downtown for coffee or ice cream. We can plan to go to one of the chamber’s monthly evening socials. They’re fun, free and open to the public.

Want to become an ambassador?

If you’re already a member of DCOC, you are eligible to become an ambassador of the chamber. Go to the Davis chamber office downtown and ask for an application.

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