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Digital Advertising Guide 2017

Working at a newspaper today isn’t what it used to be. Now many papers, including The Davis Enterprise have their advertising departments selling digital advertising as well as print advertising. At The Davis Enterprise, we offer print and digital advertising in order to put advertisers in front of the public wherever the public consumes news (in print or online at

Starting in 2015 was in charge of designing The Davis Enterprise Digital Advertising Guide, and then in 2017 there was a desire from staff for a more modern, clean and simple look. I recently designed the cover of the new guide shown above.

The cover concept is that by plugging into The Davis Enterprise online advertising you will reach our broad local audience. It was a really fun design that was based on diagonal lines. The inside of our advertising guide had already been completed when I began work on the cover. See the .pdf here Digital Advertising Guide. There were diagonal lines used throughout, so I stuck with the pattern to maintain a cohesive feeling to the entire guide.

The most intriguing part of the design was applying tasteful bends and twists to the diagonal lines in order to create the illusion of cables. Use of the enterprise blue as a spot color was also a favorable limiting factor.

The laptop element was easier than it should have been. Adobe Illustrator is fantastic software. I was able to hold my physical laptop up in front of me, take a picture of it with my phone at the perfect arial angle, import the picture into Illustrator, do a rough automated image trace and then work out minor imperfections with the pen tool. Designing all of the laptop buttons from scratch would have taken a long time so I’m grateful for the automated image trace option.

I like both versions of the advertising cover design. They both have endearing qualities, but I’m sure that future editions will be even better ( :

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