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I’ve spent a whole decade of my life attending Sacramento City College, except for a brief stint at The College of the Redwoods up north in Humboldt County, and now I’m just 1 unit shy of my AS in Graphic Design—Whew ( :

Point is that with all of the graphic communication courses I’ve taken and all the hours of lecture I’ve endured in the graphics department from awesome Sac City instructors like Don B., Tom C., and Robyn W., you’d think I’d have designed a standard logo before now, 2016 almost 2017. Nope, not until this night, Friday December 16th 2016, have I finally produced a logo that hit the most important points in logo design:

1. Keep it simple and identifiable!

2. Makes sure it’s vector graphic that can work in black and white.

3. Keep it simple and identifiable!

Did I miss anything? That’s basically all I’ve been trained to do, but just look at my personal logo—Will that work in black and white? Probably not. Is it simple? Heck no lol. But I love it and stand by it, and my thick little coaster shaped business cards are a conversation starter when networking, so forget the rules. An artist has got to break them!

Here’s the logo that I’m currently in love with. Excuse the gold if it appears more like yellow on my website—The colors can get funky online sometimes. I hope Olivia, my client and the owner of the soon to be Magnolia Salon, appreciates this version of her logo—Maybe even moves forward with it (fingers crossed).

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