Odyssey Psychotherapy logo

Designing the logo for Odyssey Psychotherapy was an absolute pleasure. I’ve never began a graphic design project with paint and a paintbrush, but felt that this unique commission needed the texture and emotion only a brush could produce.

Odyssey Psychotherapy is the private practice of Brett Coder, licensed marriage and family therapist. See OdysseyPsychotherapy.com

For this logo, we started from scratch, not even knowing we wanted a simple circle. Once Brett knew that a circle was going to be the best fit for his practice, it was still quite a journey coming up with this specific design.

I feel very fortunate to have gotten to paint hundreds of circles to come up with one that I knew I could work with in Photoshop and then Illustrator. I think every artist should have to study basic shapes in a similar manner. I once heard that Leonardo DaVinci vied for a design position by simply drawing a perfect circle in the presence of his patron. Not sure if it’s a true story but it’s inspiring.

Thank you Brett for trusting me with this project and all the best to you and your business!

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