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Odyssey Psychotherapy logo

Designing the logo for Odyssey Psychotherapy was an absolute pleasure. I’ve never began a graphic design project with paint and a paintbrush, but felt that this unique commission needed the texture and emotion only a brush could produce.

Odyssey Psychotherapy is the private practice of Brett Coder, licensed marriage and family therapist. See

For this logo, we started from scratch, not even knowing we wanted a simple circle. Once Brett knew that a circle was going to be the best fit for his practice, it was still quite a journey coming up with this specific design.

I feel very fortunate to have gotten to paint hundreds of circles to come up with one that I knew I could work with in Photoshop and then Illustrator. I think every artist should have to study basic shapes in a similar manner. I once heard that Leonardo DaVinci vied for a design position by simply drawing a perfect circle in the presence of his patron. Not sure if it’s a true story but it’s inspiring.

Thank you Brett for trusting me with this project and all the best to you and your business!

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