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Mosaic Tea & Coffee logo contest

Thank you to the Mosaic Tea & Coffee team for hosting this awesome logo competition! The whole package is inspiring: creating opportunities for adults with disabilities to earn job training, gift economy, graphic design/ art and beloved brewed beverages—all pieces of a bigger picture of a healthy community— kinda like a mosaic or something ( ;

And props to the stiff competition and everybody who entered the contest and definitely those who took notice and took the time to vote!!!

Also thank you to my aunt, Laurie Wedra, and to Debbie Kennedy for suggesting that I enter the contest. Thank you to my uncle Mathias for his feedback, and to my cousins Ben and Dylan for their encouragement and to my friends in the community for their votes (especially Debbie, Stevie + Toni, Mike, Nancy, Darci, Paul, Christopher, Bianca, Juan + Theresa, Synda, Augusto, Alex, Robyn, Maria, Tina, Kodi, Molly and David). And finally, thank you to Sacramento City College’s graphics department for all of the excellent instructions over the past decade.

Much love and coffee… and tea.

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