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Scholarship Fundraiser

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Dear Friend,


To say that Bob Dunning is the Herb Caen of Davis is an understatement. Herb Caen was the Bob Dunning of San Francisco. As you may know, Bob has reached an incredible milestone this year, with 50-plus years on the staff of The Davis Enterprise. The fact that Bob is the author of an iconic daily column for The Enterprise is a remarkable achievement, but it is only one part of his enormous contributions to the Davis community. Through his column, Bob has motivated us to get involved in our community; he’s made us laugh, cry and think deeply about local issues; and he’s challenged us to be better people. Beyond sharing his thoughts in print and online, Bob has supported innumerable service clubs and nonprofit organizations in Davis by emceeing their fundraisers, hosting their get-togethers and rallying others to their causes. While Bob may be the “prose laureate” of Davis, he is also our community conscience.

It’s time to honor Bob. The celebration will take place in three parts including two activities and a scholarship fundraiser:

  • A virtual celebration was held covering Bob's life and career with special appearances by friends, elected officials and community members. This celebration was Hosted by Bob Bowen on April 9th. Click here to view on Youtube.

  • A socially distanced vehicle parade for the community took place on April 24th. 

  • Additionally, funds were raised to endow, in Bob’s name, a scholarship to a graduating senior of a high school in the Davis Joint Unified School District considering a career in journalism. The community raised nearly $43,000.

Thank you to everyone who took part in these three activities. 



The Celebrating Bob Dunning Committee

Bob Bowen
Julie Clayton
Debbie Davis
Vanessa Errecarte
Beth Gabor
Judy Gabor
Bruce Gallaudet

John Keltner

Nancy Keltner

Nancy Roe

Lea Rosenberg

Joan Sallee

Ed Schroeder

Bev Sykes

Cap Thomson

Helen Thomson

Aaron Wedra

Wendy Weitzel

Kelly Wilkerson

Lois Wolk

Thank you to the generous sponsors of the Bob Dunning Scholarship listed below. We have collected more than $42,000. Scholarships are to be awarded annually to a graduating senior from a DJUSD high school who is considering a career in journalism.

The Family Man Level

Ruth Uy Asmundson

Susie Boyd

Brooke & Clay Brandow

Browning Geanacou Family

Kim Eichorn & Associates Inc.

Elizabeth & John Foraker

Roger Gambatese

Nancy & John Keltner

Gary S. May

Barbara & Foy McNaughton

Katherine & Craig Muir

Susan Stover & John Pascoe

Dave Taormino

Lynne & Randy Yackzan


The Daily Columnist Level

Patricia Armstrong

Blake’s Heating & Air

Katie Flaherty Brady

Mary & Lester DeWall

Joy & Richard Dorf

Judith Gabor

Suzanne & Charles Hjerpe

Sheila & Michael Lewis

Jeffry Metheny

Judith E. Moores

Joan & Tom Sallee

Claudia & Roger Salquist

Mary & Ed Schroeder

Karen Horobin & Dean Simonton

Wydick Family


The Radio Personality Level

Family of Ruth E. Anderson


Belenis Family

Bob Biggs

Chris Brunner

Meredith Burns

Camille Chan

Janet & Carroll Cross

Pamela Gill-Fisher

Margaret Hill

Cristy Jensen & Maynard Skinner

Laura & William Lacy

Renee & Steve Liston

Teresa Kaneko

Susan Shelton & John Mott-Smith

Donna & Raymond Olsson

Tanya & Steve Perez

Amy Kapatkin & Robert Poppenga

Nancy & Bill Roe

Lea & Dave Rosenberg

Sharon Schauer

Sandra & Alvin Sokolow

Helen & Captane Thomson

Louise & Larry Walker

Lois & Bruce Wolk

Lynda & Owen Yancher

The Law School Survivor Level

Karen Leaf & Tim Ainsworth

Susan Finley Alarcon

Lori & Al Aldrete



Nancy Asmundson

Gayna Lamb-Bang & Derrick Bang

Lydia Baskin

Delee & Gerald Beavers

Ruth & Michail Berry

The Bike Campaign

Verena & Raymond Borton

John Bowes

Blayney Breckenridge

Richard Breedon

Edelgard Brunelle

Evelyn & Ivan Buddenhagen

Shana & Mitch Campbell

Grant Chappell

Judy Capurro

Sheri & Ron Cole

Kathleen & Phillip Coleman

Ann & Fred Costello

Carline & Robert Da Prato

Judy & Mike Davis

Lisa DeAmicis & Thomas Nesbitt

Marge Dolcini

Patricia J Dunning

Ann Evans & David Thompson

Roberta & Anthony Fanning

Beth Flory

Marion Franck

Thomas Frankel

Beth Gabor

Debbie Davis & Bruce Gallaudet

Cynthia Gerber

Julie Jepson-Grant & William Grant

Anne Gray

Corliss & Gerald Hallee

Marietta Hamilton

Patricia & Michael Handley

Nancy Hardaker

Sharon & Ed Henn

John Hershberger

Eva Hess

Jerry Hulbert

Darlene & Stephen Hunter

Karen & Robert Johnson

Robert Kerr

Gretchen Ladley

Susan & Bruce Larock

The Leysons

Diane Makley

Nicole & Dan Mitchell

John Moren

Michael Motley

Robbie & David Murphy

Patricia & Eric Newman

Tanya Noda & Harvey Yan

Roswita & Robert Norris

Jessica Nusbaum & Christopher Jannusch

Crystal & Brendan O’Hara

Christine Perry

Alice & Michael Peterson

Donna & Jim Provenza

Judith & John Reitan

Kate & Dick Riggins

Kathy & David Robertson

Sharon & Elliott Rose

Annemarie & David Schaaf

Karen & Edward Schelegle

Joe Singleton Family

Joan Smith-Maclean

Kathryn Smith

Donna Sochor

Elizabeth Spurlock

Meg & Tom Stallard

Jennifer & Robert Sterling

Nancy & Brett Stone

Maril & Patrick Stratton

Cass Sylvia & Craig Reynolds

Ann & Stewart Teal

Linda & Rick Troy

Jeanette & William Vance

Sarah & Frank Wagner

Kathleen Ware & John Erke

Ellen Watkins

Andrea & Steven Weiss

Nancy & Ashley Yudin

Carri & Jay Ziegler

The Tennis Bum Level

Elizabeth & Anton Berteaux

Dolores Blake

Robert Bullis

Laurie & Scott Carney

Yvonne Clinton

Khin & Nicholas Cornes

Kathryn & Robert Crow

Joel Dobris

Bill Endicott

Julie Everist

Gregory Favre

Judy Fischette

Myra & Richard Gable

Leslie Gordon

Joan & Dennett Hanssmann

Lorell Hardaker

Marylee Hardie

Myrna & Peter Hays

Marilyn & Ron Hoppes

Starr Hurley

Nancy & Paul Jacobs

Janice Judson

Catherine & John Keller

Autumn Labbe-Renault

Susan Lovenburg

Judith Mack

Natalie & Malcolm MacKenzie

Sharon McCuen

D.M. & R. L. McGee

Bonnie Mintun

Mary Ann & Paul Ochs

Barbara & Allison Perkes

Kari Peterson

Judith Reynolds

Dolores & Edward Rhode

Kristie Sallee & Michael Hutchings

Wendy Watson & Morton Saltzman

Betty Lou & Robert Schultz

Victoria Smith

Laurel & Francis Sousa

Johanna Stek

Sharon Stello

Doug Walter


The Alleged Golfer Level

Gerri & Fred Adler

Marnie McGuinness & Bryan Clarkson

Kate Hoff

Yvonne Hunter

Mercedes Ibanez

Kristen Kolb

Laurie & Russell Loving

Lisa & Mark Nelson


Additional Supporters

Aggie Spirit


Davis Odd Fellows Helping Hands

Diane Dedoshka

Jeff Flynn

Nancy Hannell

Janice & Dean Labadie

Jon Lee

Dave Miramontes & A Change of Pace

Rod Nishikawa and the Boy Scouts

Jeff Shaw

Ned Sykes

Twinkle Light Crew

UC Davis Aggie Pack

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