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Vehicle Parade

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Our vehicle parade took place on Saturday, April 24 at 11 a.m., and was a huge success. Over a hundred vehicles took part in the parade.

Click here to view parade footage, recorded and edited by Davis Community Access.

Click here to view parade footage, recorded by The Davis Enterprise on Facebook live.

Click here to view parade footage, recorded and edited by Chris Hennessy of Yolo Yolo's.

A professional recording will also be uploaded by Davis Media Access soon. Visit to view their parade footage.


Cars and bikes and things that go on wheels were all welcome and decorated vehicles were encouraged. Bob and his family stood on the corner of Oak and 14th in front of Davis High School.

The parade route was a huge square, 1.4 miles of all right turns. Coming out of the parking lot parade vehicles turned west, passed Bob at the high school and then went north on Oak, east on Covell, south on F and west on 14th.

Some vehicles had such a good time they continued around a second time. On the second pass many vehicles had been provided water balloons that were tossed at Bob.

In addition to individual participants, including many friends and fans of Bob, the parade featured classic cars, the UC Davis Aggie Pack’s blue-and-gold fire truck and a Unitrans double-decker bus.


Past and present mayors, city council members, and other government representatives were present, and Mr. Toad showed up on an electric skateboard. What's more, Peter Waggoner's whymcycles came out, there was a giant lemon on wheels and a motorcyclist, Fred, led the entire entourage playing the Star Spangled Banner.

Bob Bowen, served as the parade emcee. Attendees had provided cue cards for Bowen, that enabled him to announce fun facts about the attendees and their vehicles. He also read aloud special heartfelt and comical messages for Dunning.  

A special thanks to the entire community for your support.

— The Celebrate Bob Dunning Committee

Bob Bowen
Julie Clayton
Debbie Davis
Vanessa Errecarte
Beth Gabor
Judy Gabor
Bruce Gallaudet

John Keltner

Nancy Keltner

Nancy Roe

Lea Rosenberg

Joan Sallee

Ed Schroeder

Bev Sykes

Cap Thomson

Helen Thomson

Aaron Wedra

Wendy Weitzel

Kelly Wilkerson

Lois Wolk

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