I love using my graphic design and marketing skills to help individuals, businesses and organizations, and sometimes the entire community. Whether designing a single event flyer, working with a team on a strategic campaign, or spearheading a community project, I say yes whenever possible and offer the simplest solutions for technology and design. 

Design is about capturing audiences. There are many things you can do at that point: advertise, educate, entertain, direct, call to action and more. Let me help you achieve your objectives through smart design.

I have a degree in graphic communications and over 16 years experience with Adobe software. I have worked on most types of graphics projects and provide marketing services. I also build websites and occasionally serve as a tutor. I'm a member of the Davis Chamber of Commerce and an ambassador for the chamber. I'm also a Davis Odd Fellow. I love where I live and what I do. Reach out to me about your project, and I will share my expertise.

Aaron Wedra